Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan nuclear leak

After the tsunami and earthquake heat Japan recently , now Japanese are worried about the potential threat from radiation leak at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Government already issued radiation warning, after the plant at Fukushima was rocked by a third blast which have damaged one of the reactor's containment system for the first time.If it breached, serious radioactive leaks will happen.

So,action of all first responder is:(quick guide)

1) Protect yourself (Wearing mask,keep distance from the leaking source, etc)
2)Operate under the incident commander
3)Follow personnel protection guideline
4)Ensure that public follows public protection guidelines
5)Do not delay life saving actions due to presence of radiation
6)Direct media inquires to the public information office
7)Treat scene as a crime scene

Public protection guidelines

For incident comander /designee

For public member within inner cordoned area when first responders arrive:

  • Evacuate as possible. Before evacuation, instruct the public to take best available shelter (indoor, hall)
  • Instruct not to handle, but to isolate and identify to a responder any possible radioactive item.
  • Instruct them no smoke, eat, drink or place hand near mouth------ to wash hands, shower and change clothes.
  • Following evacuation:Register, reminder all all above, etc)
  • Provide them with instruction on where to go, medical, radiological assessment
  • After leaving the scene,----shower, change clothes, place clothes in plastic bag and save them (if not implemented yet)
  • Listen for further instruction.

For public member who may left inner cordoned area without registration

Instruct them if necessary via media :

1) Not to handle but to report to the local police any items they might have picked up at the scene
2) Not to smoke, eat, drink or place hands near the mouth until a shower is taken and clothes are changed
3) To continue to listen for and follow official instructions given via the media

For public member outside the cordoned area

-If there has been an atmospheric release ( smoke from fire, bomb) instruct public, via media,
within 1 km of the release point that it would be prudent:
a) To remain inside building during the release (smoke)
b) Not to eat any vegetables grown outside or drink rainwater
c) Not to play on the ground
d) To wash hands before eating
e) To avoid dusty areas or activities that will generate dust
f) To listen and follow official instructions give via the media

**** Source : IAEA Guidance for First responders

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan tsunami 2011

The earthquake and tsunami devastated many town ,where the police estimated that as many as 10,000 people may have dead (until 13.3.11)...

This is the biggest crisis for Japan since WW2...

lets we give morale support to Japanese People..


Sunday, March 13, 2011


Never Underestimate The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an art that has been around for centuries that consists of using certain scents to elicit certain responses. The benefits of aromather...

Juliet Cohen

Aromatherapy is an art that has been around for centuries that consists of using certain scents to elicit certain responses. The benefits of aromatherapy are balked at by many who can't fathom that smelling certain aromas can cause someone to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and they certainly can't believe that certain scents can relieve pain, but it's true. Just by smelling certain aromas, aromatherapy can relieve all sorts of symptoms. So, if you or someone you know still needs convincing as to the benefits of aromatherapy, it's recommended that you give it a try. Once you light those candles, incense sticks, oil burners, or use any other aromatherapy product, you'll be hooked as the benefits of aromatherapy will then become very apparent.

Choose Your Type

When testing out the benefits of aromatherapy, you have many options available to you. It all depends on your preference, as there is an aromatherapy product out there for everyone. If you like candles, aromatherapy candles are very popular. If you like incense, those, too, are very popular. However, many people choose to go another route. For those people, there are essential oils that can be burned in a diffuser, which releases a fine mist into the air, there are essential oils that can be rubbed on, such as those used by masseuses, and then there are organic aromatherapy products, such as shampoos, lotions, and more. No matter what type of aromatherapy product you choose, the benefits of aromatherapy can be had by all of them.

What Ails You

When you choose your aromatherapy product, you then have to choose which scents to use. Something to try if you're a beginner to aromatherapy is to get your hands on an aromatherapy starter kit. The starter kits typically come with a variety of scents with descriptions for each one. You will learn the name of the various scents as well as which aromatherapy benefits can be expected from each one. For example, chamomile is often used for relaxation, as is patchouli, which is typically used for meditation. However, there are also scents that can rejuvenate you if you're feeling tired, there are scents that can liven up a romantic atmosphere and then there are some that can relieve joint pain, migraines and even muscle spasms.

The benefits of aromatherapy have been enjoyed by many people, for many years, and it's a travesty to outright dismiss them because you don't believe it's possible to feel a certain way by smelling a certain scent. Just open your mind, choose your product, your scent and see what kinds of benefits from aromatherapy you can receive, if any. You'll see that once you feel the benefits of aromatherapy, you'll be hooked and you'll want to tell all of your friends that aromatherapy isn't a myth, it's absolutely real.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for [Hairstyles Photo] (link:

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Healty Pet -Do you know how?

Keep your Pet Healthy and Look Good

Keep your Pet Healthy and Look Good

Anna Josephs

Anyone who owned a pet knows that how pet becomes our special part of our family. Yes our pets are a part of our family. Pet owner always want the best for their pet. Pet needs special and daily care throughout their lives. Pets are like small children, they won’t tell you exactly what they need. It’s the pet owner who has to understand and treat them as well as you can to look your pet good and healthy.

Most of pet owners don’t have much time to spend with their pet its result to pet health problems. It’s always good to consult your veterinarian if your pet shows any abnormal behaviors. Very pet needs an appropriate clean environment, a healthy diet, proper exercise and attention from you. Now pet owner do not have to worry about their pet, number of online sites provides you with all the information about cleaning and disinfecting the pet looks and how to keep your pet look more good and clean.

1) Pet store: Pet store are the best place for buying your favorite pet. If you live in a large city, there are probably dozens of pet stores in your near by area. Finding one that will provide you with the products and services that you need pets can be difficult.

Selecting the right store is necessary. Find a store that treats all its animals the way you would want. All the animals should be kept in appropriate, clean and safe enclosures. The behaviour and health of your pet has a lot to do with how it was kept before you got it.

2) Pet products: What does organic pet product really mean and why is it given so much importance? Previously pet owners where not aware of pet products but now it is no wonder that people are very much aware and conscious of this fact already.

Most of pet owner are under the impression that anything with "organic" inherent on it is superior. This is a nice ideal. And of course, organic products may indeed taste better and be healthier for us. However, do people really need organic pet products? In the first place, is there such a thing? Even the government is confused about how to define "organic" and is continuously struggling to establish uniform and stable standards to assist consumers in figuring it all out. Find the best p[et product store so that your pet can have the best.

Anna Josephs is a freelance editor having experience of many years in writing articles and news releases on various topics related to health, automobile and social issues. Currently, she is working on . To get more details on Pet, please visit . Please feel free to write feedback on this article. Anna Josephs can be contacted

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

En gardant votre vagin en bonne sante...opsss..ur vagina!

It's your Vagina Healthy?

a healthy vagina is as clean and pure as a carton of yoghurt...

What Make upset the balance in the vagina and lead to smelly condition??Here is some factors:

  • Poor Hygiene - Not take bath for 3,4 days! -things getting aromatic...Dont! -spray perfume soap or spray on your genital area...the best way is use water..and remember wash your vagina witrh water everytime after you pee.,.
  • Illness -ur illness around vagina also can make its smelly..
  • Drugs -Oral contraceptives and antibiotics can contribute to vaginosis
  • Douching-Bad for vagina-kill off lactobacilli leaving your vagina open
  • Sperm-Highly alkaline, so when arrive in vagina , vagina work to work extra hard to return itself to its acidic status quo. If woman has many seual partner and not use condoms ,that is,is subjected to may different kind of sperm, she may prone to vaginosis as her body tries to adjust.

Basic maintaining Healthy vagina

  • Do not douche
  • Use condom if u have many sexual partners
  • Healthy diet-fruits, vegetables, vitamins
  • Wear cotton underwear
  • dONT USE SPRAY/PERFUMES on the genital areas...

Friday, October 8, 2010

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

business lunch etiquette

Have u been humiliated during the dinner with your client because lack of etiquette??
Always afraid and take EL when ur boss asked you to go out with your client??
The lack of business lunch etiquette make ur moral down??During my study,either in university or high school,i already exposed to etiquette in function..But,although i already know about that,my moral still down until i found this

Its more help me because we have to update our etiquette from times to times..Here i post an article that write from the great image consultant Diana Pemberton-Sikes..I recomended to all o f you to buy her book..its help you!

The Business Lunch:
How To Mix Food and Business

by: Diana Pemberton-Sikes

The working breakfast. The "power" lunch. The business dinner. All part of the working world, but also situations ripe for breaches in etiquette. How can you successfully mix food and business? Here are some suggestions:

What to Eat

Most working meals are called for the purpose of doing business. Don't forget that. Whether you're looking over paperwork, signing contracts, or simply getting to know someone better to determine if you want to do business with them, your main purpose is to conduct business.

Unless you're a food critic, you are not there to critique the food or challenge the chef's culinary skills. With that in mind, here are some ordering guidelines:

Breakfast: Opt for coffee (or tea) and a danish, bagel,
croissant, or toast.Don't order the Eggs Benedict, bacon and eggs, steak and
eggs, or all-you-can eat pancakes. Those are all too heavy and too expensive. Keep
it light and healthy. Stick with items you'd find on a Continental Breakfast tray.

Lunch: Never order something you can't pronounce. If you're
taking an important client to lunch, "case" the joint beforehand to determine the
best table and best menu choices. Never order food that is difficult to eat,
requires a lot of your attention, or squirts, slurps, and makes a mess.

Best choices: Salads, grilled meat or fish, omelets, or other low-
attention foods.
Worst choices: Anything out of season (too frivolous), lobster
(too expensive and too much work), snails (same reason), or any food with a lot of
garlic or onion.

Dinner: Unless you're socializing, try to avoid dinner
invitations, particularly if it's with someone you don't know well. Dinner is open-
ended. You can't look at your watch and say, "I have to get back to the office."
It's also presumptuous to think that someone you don't know well would like to
spend his or her evening with you. Unless you have a set agenda and a very good
reason for meeting after 6 p.m., don't do it.

The only exceptions to this guideline should be if the client (a) is from out of town, or (b) specifically suggests it. Ask the client what time he'd like to dine. Don't assume he eats dinner at the same time as you. Use the "best" and "worst" choice ordering guidelines from the lunch suggestions, above.

Another word of advice about food: try to eat like a native to the extent that your body will allow. If you travel around, do try to adapt to the local food and lunching customs. If, however, you're faced with the types of food that spawn heartburn or indigestion, avoid them. Feeling bad anywhere-but particularly on the road with no caring hands around--hampers your business purpose.

What To Drink

The "two martini" lunch of yesteryear has been replaced by bottled water and iced tea. Most businesses frown upon alcohol consumption during work hours, and won't reimburse it on expense accounts. Still, it is considered good manners to offer a drink to a guest.

The best way to suggest something-and make it easy for people to refuse alcohol-is to say, "Would you like something to drink-wine, bottled water, juice?" Never make someone feel uncomfortable for not drinking alcohol. If your guest orders a bottle of wine instead of a glass, he should offer to pay for it or give you his business on the spot-particularly if it's a fine vintage.

However you choose to proceed, remember that, "loose lips sink ships". If you don't trust your alcohol-laden tongue not to say something it shouldn't, don't laden it with alcohol.

What To Say

Ever been "pumped" for free advice at a cocktail party or softball game? Ever had a potential client try to pick your brain over lunch? Ever been galled that people seem to think that you can be had for pastrami on rye?

So have I-and just about every other professional I know. If the person you're talking to seems genuinely interested in your advice, it's certainly appropriate to remind him that you are usually paid for such information. Here are some suggestions on how to do this:

"Your questions are very specific. May I assume that you might be interested in
hiring me?"

"I'm sure you realize that this is the type of information I impart for a fee."

"What you are asking requires a lot more thought than I can give off the top of
my head right now. If you'd like to pursue this further, I'd be happy to give
you my business card."

"If you really want to know this, perhaps we need a business relationship that
is more formal than these occasional get-togethers."

If they're truly interested, you may have landed yourself some business. If they're freebie-seekers, you've politely told them to get lost. A win-win situation all around.

Conducting business over a meal can be beneficial, but it can also be tricky. Eat simple foods that don't require a lot of your attention to consume, avoid alcohol, and don't "give away the farm for free" -- give them your business card instead and schedule an appointment. In short, use the time to build your relationship with savoire faire to spare.


Diana Pemberton-Sikes is a wardrobe and image consultant and author of "Business Wear Magic," an ebook that shows women how to increase their income by dressing appropriately for their line of work.

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