Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan nuclear leak

After the tsunami and earthquake heat Japan recently , now Japanese are worried about the potential threat from radiation leak at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Government already issued radiation warning, after the plant at Fukushima was rocked by a third blast which have damaged one of the reactor's containment system for the first time.If it breached, serious radioactive leaks will happen.

So,action of all first responder is:(quick guide)

1) Protect yourself (Wearing mask,keep distance from the leaking source, etc)
2)Operate under the incident commander
3)Follow personnel protection guideline
4)Ensure that public follows public protection guidelines
5)Do not delay life saving actions due to presence of radiation
6)Direct media inquires to the public information office
7)Treat scene as a crime scene

Public protection guidelines

For incident comander /designee

For public member within inner cordoned area when first responders arrive:

  • Evacuate as possible. Before evacuation, instruct the public to take best available shelter (indoor, hall)
  • Instruct not to handle, but to isolate and identify to a responder any possible radioactive item.
  • Instruct them no smoke, eat, drink or place hand near mouth------ to wash hands, shower and change clothes.
  • Following evacuation:Register, reminder all all above, etc)
  • Provide them with instruction on where to go, medical, radiological assessment
  • After leaving the scene,----shower, change clothes, place clothes in plastic bag and save them (if not implemented yet)
  • Listen for further instruction.

For public member who may left inner cordoned area without registration

Instruct them if necessary via media :

1) Not to handle but to report to the local police any items they might have picked up at the scene
2) Not to smoke, eat, drink or place hands near the mouth until a shower is taken and clothes are changed
3) To continue to listen for and follow official instructions given via the media

For public member outside the cordoned area

-If there has been an atmospheric release ( smoke from fire, bomb) instruct public, via media,
within 1 km of the release point that it would be prudent:
a) To remain inside building during the release (smoke)
b) Not to eat any vegetables grown outside or drink rainwater
c) Not to play on the ground
d) To wash hands before eating
e) To avoid dusty areas or activities that will generate dust
f) To listen and follow official instructions give via the media

**** Source : IAEA Guidance for First responders

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